18 June 2007

Worldly possessions

Riding the bus home from my office today, I was struck by the beauty of a sunny day after so much gray, the spontaneity of summer, everyone out walking and breathing and (sometimes) smiling. And I noticed as I was contemplating and observing these things, that into my mind continuously float media images, thoughts about politics and the sorry state of things, etc. We truly carry the world with us, regardless of where we may be.

Recently, I was on a vacation where I stayed someplace high above most human habitation. I felt my mind clear, and even thinking about the complexities of the world seemed irrelevant. It was incredibly freeing--a true vacation.

Now, I'm not advocating abandoning this world--we couldn't if we wanted to. But it is something to contemplate, how much we let the version of the world we have running in our minds influence the one we see outside, and how much of that we allow to spill into our relationships, our work, and our experiences of each another.
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