17 January 2008

It's going to burn off

Yesterday, as I was looking out my office window, there was a brightness to the gray sky that I recognized: the sun is back there! I had a feeling then that the day would soon give us a glimpse of blue sky and I wasn't disappointed. Today we are socked in again, but it was so nice yesterday to have a chance to feel the sun on my face and be reminded that we are ever closer to Spring.

When we pay attention to ourselves and our surroundings, we develop a familiarity with how things move and change. Just as yesterday I was able to detect that the sun might just shine, so does the process of personal growth and change unfold, until you are able to see that past that gray sky is a sunny day waiting. Or a gray day waiting. And that's okay, too. And even, quite possibly, welcome.

When we muster the courage to more fully engage with our life, inner and outer, we become inhabitants of a new world. We gain knowledge from living in this world, and from that knowledge comes more courage. In this way, life becomes a flow of experience, an ever-changing sea that is neither good nor bad, but just what is.


02 January 2008

Taking root in 08

During this time of year, it's tempting to make resolutions, look straight into the new year like you're daring it to defeat you, and forget to take stock of how you got this far. By the end of a year, we are so ready to get moving on. We've stuffed our bellies with food and our minds and hearts with friends and family. You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief on New Year's Day as the revelry ends and a new year begins. In fact, we end the year on a note so different than what our day-to-day life is, it's easy to lose the thread between then and now.

Taking stock of what was good and bad, fun and stressful, improved and worsened, can help us get ready for being more balanced in this next year. Note, I did not say better. That is because the more balanced we are, the more we can allow our roots to grow in our lives, regardless of whether we live in one place for 50 years or 50 days. And having roots allows us to be happier, more creative, and more compassionate. Is there a better resolution?

So as we get ready for 2008 and all that it will bring, don't forget good ol' 07. Remember to look back on those months, remember what you've struggled with, and where your victories where. Situate yourself squarely on a fresh starting line, and, when you're ready, start moving at your own pace.

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