24 April 2008

Spring's Slow Arrival

With this Spring season's slow arrival, I've been reflecting on what it is we long for as we wait for the weather to change. What is it that spring brings?

In the pink of the cherry blossoms and the overflowing life of azaleas and rhododendrons, we recognize the hope for new life that we all carry inside. Add to that the contrast of a bright blue sky and you get the experience that we of the Northwest carry as a quiet little dream all winter long.

It is, indeed, the time for new life. And I find that every Spring is more beautiful in different ways than the last. The rains come and go, and the weather is full of life and movement. There is so much that nature has to teach us if we stop to listen just a little bit.

Mother Nature is a complicated presence who enlivens our hearts but also challenges us with violence and unpredictability. Yet, we never give up on her abiding and enduring presence. This presence exists in all of us as well.

The seasons are symbols that teach us about our own lives. They bring beautiful experiences and memories, but also a lot more than that if we take the time to look and feel what nature has to offer to our souls.
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