28 May 2010


Even as the rain continues, and continues, and continues, and Spring teases us like the guy in high school who glanced and smiled and never said hi, I feel especially hopeful today. 

Last Saturday, I went to a workshop led by Bob Edelstein, my clinical supervisor and mentor.  I have worked with Bob for 3 years now, but I always learn something new in his presence.  His passion for what he does is something to behold.  Passion!  I left the workshop on Saturday evening feeling reinvigorated for the work that I do with my clients; excited for the process.

Bob always brings humor, candor, and a kind of simplicity to a difficult process.  "What would Bob do right now?" flits through my mind many times during a work week. When I have the chance to ask him, I am always surprised and inspired by the answer.

I also had fun.  On Sunday I went to see Robin Hood with K.  Not a great movie, but a really fun movie.  Beautiful English countryside, solid actors (Cate Blanchett!), and a timeless story. 

And "Lost."  Ah yes.  I have been a devoted fan for 5 of the 6 seasons.  I began watching because K. was working on Tuesday evenings, and it stuck.  The finale was great, entertaining, and fun.  And it made me think.  And search the internet for what other people thought.  And think some more.

I also met some challenges this week.  As I do every week.  If we expect life not to challenge us, oh crap, we are in trouble.  Some of these challenges involved work, some friends, some simple circumstances.  But I dealt with them and moved on.  What can I call that?  Action!

And I had some great conversations, both in session and out.  I connected with others, shared ideas, relaxed and enjoyed.  I allowed the presence of fellow human beings to influence and change me.  I connected.

So, a full week.  A week full of learning, thinking, feeling, action, and connecting.  A week, in many ways, like most weeks.  But more... noticed, felt, experienced.   May hope and remembrance fill your weekend!
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