17 March 2011

Asking for Love

Someone you love anticipates your every need.  They try to make everything easy for you, they are always thinking of what you need next.  You never have to ask, they just do.

Someone you love does something when you ask, but only when you ask.  They do not think of it otherwise, it is not important to them.  But, whenever you ask, they do it.  

Which is love?

Some folks are caring people.  They have been trained/taught to treat others with deference and kindness, anticipate their needs, smile, be nice.  They think of others often.  But this does not mean that they truly love well. 

Some folks are not caring people, but when you ask them to do something, they do it.  This does not mean that they love well, either.  

True loving involves sacrifice.  Truly loving means that you are doing something for someone else that does not benefit you, but that benefits them.  And a benefit to you can be that you feel good about yourself.

Love should be part joyful and part difficult, because it involves sacrifice.  Sacrifice comes in the form of putting off plans that you were anticipating because your loved one needs you; sacrifice can just be saying "I'm sorry" and letting something go.

This kind of love knits the fabric of relationship.  The pattern of the weave is one thing, but without true love, there is no fabric at all.
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