07 July 2011

For You, Whoever You Are...

I've spent a lot time today between sessions working on the world of In This World.  This fixing and fiddling inevitably takes me on a roaming exotic journey around the bloggosphere.  I really have to admit it, I love blogs!

Working to create a better, prettier, blog is fun.  And it is fun because a blog is something implicitly shared.  I may only have 5 page views in a day, but there is always the potential of what I am writing being seen and shared and (hopefully) enjoyed.  And that means connection.

This put in my mind something that the great Ursula K. LeGuin said during an interview I saw recorded live for Think Out Loud  last year.  Someone asked her about whether all writers write for an audience.  Her refreshingly honest response, "Real writers do!"

Creation is a gift to be shared.  Whether it is a blog post, photo, meal, song, or idea, creations are meant to be shared with others.  And the experience of that is so thrilling, fun, and magical.

A lot of the people who come to see me in my therapy practice are creatively frustrated, sometimes consciously, sometimes not.  And with that they have not found, or have lost, a medium for connecting.  That lack of connecting leads them to feel stifled, inauthentic, and bored.  (Read: depressed.)

Therapy is all about developing the ability to find authentic connection, beginning with: yourself.

What are you not creating today?  Where are you not connecting?  Look for one and you may find the other...
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