27 September 2011

Unexpected Reward

Weddings always inspire the silly poet in me.  I recently had an experience that was both an honor and a first: I attended my first client wedding.  It was so fun.  I didn't know exactly what it would be like to see a client I cared about and had seen through good times and bad be celebrated, it was even better than I could have expected.   An unexpected reward for the work I do.

So here's a little silly ditty for the happy couple.  May they love and grow and love and grow.

In Honor of J&B
Celebrate life, celebrate love,
celebrate leaves falling from above.

Dance to music just for you,
then invite someone else to dance with you, too.

Lean in close to a nearby ear,
someone you love, say something dear.

Don't sit and worry about what comes next,
just use your voice, or if you must, send a text.

Make sure that you say just what you mean,
Quietly, loudly, or anywhere in-between.

An Autumn poem, for you dear reader,
An Autumn poem, with a bit of love for the meter.
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