06 September 2011

Tuesday Tomatoes

The air is golden, and so are the tomatoes...

We feasted this weekend on the bounty of the earth, inspired at every turn by how our world shows us what is possible if we just take time to look closely.

A Sunday Feast has small beginnings.

Fall is beginning so nicely this year!

P.S.  The bread, or Epi Du Sel, pictured above is from Baker & Spice, the best bakery in Portland.  You can taste craftsmanship and love in everything they make.   Every good they sell is made with great ingredients and great recipes.   They love food and it shows.

P.S. #2 The tomatoes above have been roasted.  For this amazing way to make cherry tomatoes even more delicious than they already are, go here: Slow-Baked Tomatoes with Garlic and Mint.  (If you have a cast-iron pan, you can cook them on the grill while you grill other things, cut the time in half.) 

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