21 October 2011

Beautiful Things (2)

Well, it's Friday afternoon and I am about to head home from the office. K is getting a haircut and I am tidying up and getting ready to put another week away. I leave today feeling truly satisfied with my work this week.  And, something quite interesting happened to me just the other day, something unexpected...:

I felt so good about a session I had with a client that I did a fist pump in my office after they left!  That, for me, is a first.

Indeed, I really haven't done many fist pumps in my time; it's not common.  I think that the last time I did a such an inspired fist pump was when Once, a wee independent Irish film, had just won the Oscar for best song. (K. was very entertained by the sight of me leaping off the couch and shouting "yes!") See it if you haven't already.  Which reminds me... I wanted to share a beautiful thing with you today, a wedding website from Ireland with gorgeous, lush, photography and quite a sweetness.

The photo makes me want to take my sweets and row in a boat to a island off the coast of the emerald isle, wear a big sweater, cozy into a rustic cabin with some tea and a biscuit (and butter), find a local pub, wile the night away surrounded by the sound of fiddles and brogue.  I have a soft spot for Ireland.  Some of my people came from there a long time ago, and there is just something about the place itself, mystical, magical, filled with sadness and redemption, green.  If you like movies, another great Irish one is The Secret of Roan Inish.

But for now it is time to cozy-in in my home, in one of the emerald isle's of the U.S.; time to enjoy the weekend, get a few things done, cook, play.

May you have a serendipitous weekend, filled with inspiration, adventure, and hopefully more than a little bit of mother nature, whatever that is for you.

{Photo from its site of origin, Style Serendipity}
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