25 October 2011

{5 Questions} How Do You Create?

How do you create? If your answer is, "I don't," then this is a great time to ask yourself a few pointed questions about that fact. (I bet you're wrong.) Creating is essential to a happy, authentic life, and it's for everyone, the more the better.

1. Do you think "being creative" is just for those few "creative people"?

In this context, I am talking about everything from painting to creating an experience that can be as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood.

2. Do you think being creative means painting or drawing?

Creativity is everywhere we look, and can include so many things. It's really about whatever makes you feel alive.

3. Have you looked around your everyday life to find ways to create?

How about cooking a meal, arranging flowers, creating a cozy space in your bedroom, gardening, planning a trip?

4. What are the things that get in the way of being creative?

How might your routine be getting in the way of creating or allowing new things into your life?

5. Do you often give up when something "doesn't work"?

Let being creative be about feeding your heart, doing something that simply feels free, alive, and spontaneous in the moment.

I hope these questions give you something to wonder about today, and that your creative juices start flowing! If you lean towards a certain medium, take a class, buy a drawing pad, doodle, write, read a cookbook, wander through a bookstore, allow your imagination some room to stretch and play. Go find your inspiration!
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