30 November 2011

It's Always Sunny in Portland

For those of you who know the show, the reference doesn't quite work. But, it was sunny today in Portland! On November 30th! I went for a walk to celebrate.

K. and I meandered around downtown for a bit, had some lunch, and then I sauntered myself down to the river. The Sun! There it was. Blue sky! Shadows!

The day make me think that part of the depressing nature of grey weather is missing our own shadow. Could it be? It felt nice to see mine today, as well as those cast by leaves and trees and other folks.

Some days call us more to LIFE; some, not so much.  Or, not so obviously.  Some days we have to work harder to understand what that particular day (unique and never to be there again) is telling us.  There is always a message, there is always something about ourselves and the mystery of life we can learn. Even when it rains, or is just oppressively grey all day long.

But that was not today!

May your day be filled with exploration.  May your day call you to discover both life and yourself and then find that it is the same seeking.  May you have the chance to feel a winter sun on your face, or, if not, to imagine it.  May you know that that is the stuff of love.

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