09 January 2012

Space to Roam

Going away for the holiday is something unique for me, for us.  I have to admit that I did not know what to expect, from myself or from the holiday before me.  What happened was quite lovely.  Relaxation, open blue skies, time to not be a in a hurry.

I have to thank my lovely sister-in-law, Kristin, for this gift. She planned our time with them so well that I did not need to think or worry or concern myself with tomorrow. Thank you, Kristin, for our wonderful vacation!

Being away, being someplace new, allowed for space to see and feel, listen and be awake to myself in ways I haven't been able to for a while. There was snow and blue sky and warm, warm sun...

Time stretched out over the course of our eleven-day vacation.  At one point, I even lost track of what day of the week it was!  I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened.  It all said to me that vacation is so much about not having to think too much, so that one can do things like meander and play frisbee golf amidst sandstone hills...

Or take leisurely ambles through a beautiful, historic town like Santa Fe, just taking in color and light and people.

Or go soaking in hot water and then plunging into cold, relaxing so deeply that space seems to open into something new.

Being in Santa Fe, we of course looked at art and took in so many beautiful, sumptuous impressions.  The city is filled with creativity and the thrill that that brings to both the creators and those fortunate enough to partake of their creations.

And there was also so much time spent outside, even though it was cold, because the sky, everyday, looked like this...

Even in the dog park there were interesting moments, in addition to the always beautiful vistas and just enjoying space to roam.

It all left me with a resolution for 2012, that I will be in a less of a hurry more of the time.   I'm looking forward to this experiment with leisure, it makes life slow down and soften, and I like that.

Happy New Year to you.
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