10 October 2012

Put Your Hands in the Air

Have you stretched today?  Have you reached towards the sky with open hands, moved your neck around a bit, taken time to strrrrrrrretch?

Have you breathed today?  Have you noticed one breath as it moved in and out of your body?

Have you felt today?  Have you checked in with your body and self to see how you are doing?

How are you doing today that is beyond fine, bad, good, etc.?  How can you feed yourself better today than you did yesterday?

Can you call a friend, do something creative, stretch or sleep?  How about eating a beautiful piece of fruit, putting your face towards the sun, going for a long walk?

Take this moment to stand tall and straight and firm wherever you are.  Close your eyes, and imagine that you are a great mountain living a grand, slow life, moving with the Earth as it revolves through space, surrounded by stars.

Whatever you may be worried about, chances are that simply doing something - especially something very simple - will allay that worry, or at least clarify your mind enough to deal with it.

Slow down and calm the din in your head, feel into those feet that walk upon the Earth everyday.  Let go of worrying about yourself and turn your mind and effort towards love.  What's one thing you can do to love better today?
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