22 April 2014


I turned 40 last Thursday.  40. 4. 0.

The big 40 was big for me, big in love, luxury, surprises, satisfactions, and, of course, ruminations.

What does it mean to become a 40-year old woman? A woman who is no longer in her 30's?

If my celebrations are any indication, it is quite a wonderful thing.  Turning 40 gave all these people who love me (and they do, they really do!) a chance to really show it (and they did, they really did!)  And it was incredible.  Life-changing.

One of my best friends has been pushing me since last year about what I was going to do for my birthday.  I am so grateful to her now because by claiming it and planning it, "it" happened.

And "it" was the simple experience of being around people I love, who support me and make me feel at ease.

And maybe that's what 40 is all about, making those kinds of choices.

So hello 40 and (hmmm... let's see, 1,2,3,4) 5 days! I'm glad to see you. The rest of life awaits.
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